Owl Experience

A hands on experience that allows you time behind the scenes of owl rearing.

Owl Experiences are available in the breeding season (approx March till July) from 8:30am to 10:30am.

Begin your morning with a complimentary drink and introductions with our Senior Owl Keeper.

Before opening hours, explore the Owl Garden on a Guided Tour, learning about its residents. A chance to see 32 species of owls from across the world and ask any questions you may have.

Go behind the scenes in our Incubation Room, where you will check for life in the eggs and monitor the embryos as they develop to the point of hatching.

Prepare breakfast for and feed our owlets - not for the squeamish!

Get your camera ready to capture you coming nose to beak with the tame owls as you bring them up from their overnight flights to their day perches in preparation for their day ahead.

And your day doesn't stop there as you then have access to the rest of the Farm Park, where you can spend time in the company of our delightful (and occasionally mischievous) miniature breeds of animals and birds.

Please telephone 01544 231109 to book your Experience

Working up close with the owlets.

The cost is £78 per person and includes admission to the Farm Park afterwards.

Payment must be made in advance by debit card, cash, BACS transfer or cheque (payable to J Brittain).

For people aged 14 years upwards.

Only the person(s) booked for an Experience will be allowed access to the Owl Centre before opening at 10:30am.

Should you wish to share this Experience, up to one other person may join you, who will also need to pay the full cost of the Experience.